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29 November 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Mirotic - TVXQ  


This was TVXQ's last Korean album as 5. Huhu!

As posted in my Multiply account (October 3, 2008)

It's about time I say something about this album. I've been listening to every song closely and I have to shout out what I feel now!!! Here goes:

Since 2004, they had 3 Korean albums and 3 Japanese albums and after a 2 year-long hiatus from the Kpop scene, they're back with an explosive 4th album with a new term that will be forever be etched in the minds of Kpop fans: MIROTIC.

Mirotic means "a state of being captured and unable to escape"...and that's exactly what happened to me ever since last year when I first discovered them. And I won't complain if I can't escape yet. ^_^

The Return of the Kings!!!! (as coined from coolsmurf).

As a whole the album is truly a treat for all the fans from all nations. New music and songs means more reasons to be happy with their vocal prowess. I don't care if it is in Korean, Japanese, Chinese or English...as long as they sang it. Period. LOL!

It is again a mix of dance, RnB and sentimental songs that again showcases how varied their music range is. They also add a new flavor in their growing collection of songs...which is techno that is featured in CRAZY LOVE and somwhat a little jazz for RAINBOW. What is missing though is a happy pop song that they usually have at least for 1 or 2 tracks in their past albums (e.g. Balloons, Sky, Summer Dream)...but like I should complain. Hihi!

My fast favorites were CRAZY LOVE and RAINBOW (no, it is not the Korean version of the same song they had in their "T" album). Following would be Flower Lady. But of course I can't forget MIROTIC (which took me so long before I got caught in this spell they were chanting...then they got me under their skin. LOL) and HEY! (DON'T BRING ME DOWN) which I heard first out of all the tracks.

I try to react about each song. Here it is:

1. Mirotic

This song is a spell! It puts you under a spell!

Well, I gotta say when I heard the full song, I didn't like the parts before the chorus, at first. It was slow, and the tone was kind of dragging.

It took me a while to appreciate the full song. I had to check out Sarah Connor's version too to check if her style was better (Under My Skin). But I didn't like hers at all! But at least I understood the gist behind it. Her song is definitely for the guys and DBSK's version is for the gals. Hihi! Again...both of their songs are considered originals...not remakes! They got the rights for it at almost the same time. Sarah just released hers earlier than the guys.

Now, I'm addicted to the song! I realized the reason of the slow, dragging parts. It's like they were chanting a spell...a spell that will make you
love them.(But I don't really think they still need a spell to do that, LOL). So they definitely got me now for this song!

2. Wrong Number

It gives out a creepy feeling...makes me feel they don't want stalkers anymore. Haha! Oh well...it sounds cool especially with Jaejoong's newfound talent...rapping! Haha! Uh-oh...Yoochun and Yunho should watch out, they might get overtaken with this role.

3. Picture of You

The fact Junsu composed the lyrics makes it special. At first I thought it sounded like TRAVEL LOG. But the good thing is...it still shows how good
they can carry the harmony of sentimental songs like this similar to their past hits.

4. Crazy Love

I only have praises for this song!!!!!! I love it to death!!!! It is sooo fun and makes me crazy! They reminded me of Perfume, but they got better vocals when it comes to techno!! They should do more techno songs! The fact also that the melody sounds light and fun makes me happy everytime I hear it!

5. Hey! (Don't Bring Me Down)

The strong percussion beats of this song is the bomb! Well who arranged this by the way? No other than my fave composer Yoo Young-jin!!!! Although I got surprised because there was an older version of this before the album got out, the "Break it down now" part wasn't the lyrics for the leakage (it was "Give it away")...no wonder it got leaked out before the release of the album...because it wasn't the official version.

6. You're My Melody

This is probably my most fave out of all the sentimental songs from this album. The smooth vocals and melody gives out a soft, cool feeling like you're hugging a very soft pillow. ^_^

7. Rainbow

At first I thought it was a Michael Jackson song...no kidding! The intro gives out that feeling! It has a jazy feel to it and I love jazz!!!! That's why I love this song to death too!!! Not too strong, not too soft...just right!!!!!under their skin. LOL) and HEY! (DON'T BRING ME DOWN) which I heard first out of all the tracks.

8. Paradise

Special mention about this song first is that it was written by WHEESUNG! Yay! And I love thesoft rnb flow of the rhythm. It reminds me of a certain song...but I'll just forget about it coz I love this better! It has a Western feel to it, but thank goodness this was sung by DBSK...that's why I love it!

9. Are You a Good Girl?

The most notable part for this dance track is the chorus...very rare to hear a chorus of a dance track with harmonizing vocals like that! Can't imagine them harmonizing like that when they do the dancing for this song! But it is cool! The title reminds me of BSB's old song "If You Want it to be Good Girl..." hehe!

10. Flower Lady

Makes me feel like I'm walking in a field full of flowers. Sigh. It does sound like a pop love song during the 90's...I think it is the first time I heard something like this from them. So cute!!!!

11. Forgotten Season

If Jonghyun of SHINee has a solo track in their first album, why can't his hyung Jaejoong have one too...right? Jaejoong, being the attention-whore as he is (quoted from Portia, aside from being a camera-whore) does not disappoint with his lovely voice (aside from his lovely face...hehe!). Make me wanna sleep. Just like a lullaby!

12. Love in the Ice (Korean version)

Special mention for Changmin-ah for writing the Korean lyrics of this heartwarming, teardropping song from their "T" album. Even in Korean it still gives me goosebumps. Awaiting for a live performance of this song just like the one they had in the Tokyo Power Summit (cry cry).

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