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28 February 2012 @ 11:14 pm
Now Loving: Meikyuu Love Song by Arashi  
I know it's been ages since this video and single has been released but I just got to see it yesterday thanks to rukayu for the video and to yarukizero for the translation!

I super love this song. It still has the usual style of their music...but I think this one had the most heart in it. I dunno...or maybe it's because of the wonderful tempo. It is upbeat like a usual dance song but it is also a love song to melt your heart. Thus the name. I love how it was composed! The meaning is wonderful too!

There is one line that I like from the song (aside from the chorus) and it's this line (the very first line of the song):

Umareru mae kara shitteita you na... which means It seems like I knew you before we were born...

It sound like a line from Savage Garden's song huh? But anyway...I really like that line. That caught my attention first. :)

The PV itself is cute too with the board game setting. Super kawaii! Aiba...oh Aiba might just bump-off Jun from my number 1 list in Arashi! My gosh Aiba!!! But I don't like his outfit. WTH! 

Puzzle Storm...haha! It still puzzles me...but I love it!
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Current Music: Meikyuu Love Song by Arashi